about us

saide is an Australian home fragrance brand created from a love of wellness, self-care and daily ritual intentions designed to nurture yourself.

Founded in 2016, we are a small Bayside Brisbane based business producing small batch runs of candles and home fragrance by hand with lots of love here in our studio.

Life is busy. Our goal is to create luxe and unique home fragrances to create a soothing scented space for your daily ritual.

Our sense of smell is amazing which influences your mood and can evoke specific memories and emotions.


We are all about quality, not quantity. Less is more.

Listen to your mind and body.

Light a candle as a gentle reminder to slow down and breathe. Take some time for you.

Enjoy the soft glow and calming ambience. See your mood shift.


Our vision since day one is to ensure our business takes responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment and our products are eco-friendly where possible.

We are proud of our products and packaging which are all designed to be re-repurposed.

In 2022, we launched saide wellness, a range to compliment our fragrances and everyday rituals. Affirmation cards, herbal wands, journals, books and herbal teas to name a few.

As a small brand we take pride in supporting other Australian businesses and suppliers we work with. Some of those include two talented small ceramicist businesses who create our exclusive saide ceramic vessels which are each carefully and individually made by hand. We also work with new and upcoming Australian designers who create beautiful artwork for our exclusive ranges.


We invite you to experience saide as part of your daily ritual and try all 20 fragrances and essential oils through our discovery tea light pack.

Remember: Lighting a candle is an intentional act that promotes self-care for your mind, body and soul. Make time daily for your wellbeing.


Hailey  x

 Hailey Vukadinovic