coastal waters.                                    

The perfect fresh summer fragrance with notes of sandalwood, rose geranium and crisp top notes including bergamot, lemon, lime + mandarin. This one is a top-seller, fall in love with this fragrance!

sea salt + sage.                               

Bring the beach to your home; a soft and fresh fragrance with a sea-side feel. Combination of Oud, sea salt, sage, fir needle + bergamot. 



mimosa + mandarin.

A fragrance that feels like you have been whisked away to a summer beach holiday. Crisp, zesty and bubbly fragrance with a sweet softness. With base notes of lily, vanilla, middle notes of mimosa, jasmine, lavender and mandarin, tangerine top notes.



lychee + peony.                                                       

A perfect blend of fruit and floral - Lychee and citrus base notes, with peony petals + soft hydrangea.

watermelon. *new                                                     

This is Summer in a candle and it's quickly becoming a hit! Fresh, light, fruity and not too sweet with base notes of vanilla and musk, middle notes of watermelon and hibiscus and top notes of honeydew and grapefruit. Definitely worth a try, deee-lish!

apple + cinnamon.                                                     

Just like a baked apple pie straight out of the oven enjoy base notes of sweet vanilla, musk and caramelised sugar, spicy cinnamon and clove mid notes and top notes of tangy baked apple.

coconut + saffron.                                                     

A Tropical blend of coconut milk that brings a base of warmth + spice through dark rum and sugarcane base notes, saffron and star anise mid-notes + a dash of sweet pineapple for the top note.



peony blush.                                                           

Just like a fresh bunch of peonies (seriously); a beautiful blend of velvety rose, peony, with hints of green tea, lavender + jasmine. 


A gorgeous subtle soft floral fragrance comprising with notes of Patchouli, Casaba Melon + a hint of musk.


If you love the Flowerbomb fragrance, this ones for you! A perfect balance of sweet amber, madagascar vanilla + sandalwood base notes, huckleberry, jasmine and ylang ylang. 




coffee bean.                                                           

Who doesn't love the smell of fresh coffee! Roasted beans, vanilla + a hint of chocolate to add some sweetness. 

caramel + vanilla.                                                     

A delicious scent you almost want to eat.. a blend of salted caramel, tonka bean and vanilla butter. Seriously ahh-mazing! Note: This one is sweet and addictive.




fig tree.                                                     

A unique + stunning fragrance you will not be able to resist. Herbal and earthy- a blend of fig and citrus orange with woody notes of sandalwood, cedarwood + patchouli.

olive leaf + thyme. *new                                                    

An earthy and masculine blend, a perfect unisex fragrance for all year round. Base notes comprising of sandalwood and rose, middle notes of olive leaf and lemon thyme and top notes of bergamot and lime.


Mossy Woods

vanilla + oakmoss.                                                     

A twist on your typical vanilla fragrance-  warm and woody, with notes of sandalwood, bergamot + cardamon. Not a sweet vanilla, which is why we love this one so much.

tobacco + cedarwood.                                                   

Bold + exciting; Smoky tobacco leaf combined with vanilla bean and notes of cedarwood, leather + clary sage. An intriguing fragrance to get your senses going - enjoy the sweetness of the vanilla come through.



clove + sandalwood.                                                   

A woody fragrance with warm notes of cedar wood, peppercorn + white musk. A popular unisex fragrance, it burns beautifully and the fragrance notes are well balanced - the woody-ness is softened with the white musk notes. 


Soft Oriental

oud wood + musk.                                                         

A unique statement fragrance; enjoy the musk and woody notes of cedar wood, jasmine + amber. If you love burning incense, this one is for you!

chai tea.                                                             

If you love a cup of chai tea, this candle is for you! Earthy top notes of cardamom, clove and cinnamon rounded of with notes of honey to soften slightly.


Dry Woods

tobacco + amber.

Warm, smoky and subtle sweet notes of honey, perfectly balanced - this fragrance is a must have for Autumn/Winter. What we love about this earthy fragrance is it's not too over powering. With base notes of amber and musk, middle notes of honey, iris and rose and top notes of fresh hay and tobacco leaf. 

leather + oud. 

Warm, woody and masculine, enjoy the rich aromas of this earthy fragrance. Comprising of base notes cedarwood, patchouli, leather, amber, middle notes of elemi and oud wood and cinnamon leaf + bergamot top notes.



australian christmas.

In true Australian Christmas style this is the perfect fragrance filled with fresh flora and fauna. Light, refreshing floral with base notes of patchouli, eucalyptus, middle notes of clove leaf, jasmine and fir needle, leafy green top notes. A lovely fragrance to burn during Christmas lunch.


christmas pine.

Who doesn't love the smell of a fresh pine tree! A woody, fresh and herbal fragrance with base notes of cedarwood, amber, middle notes of sage, rosewood and top notes of fir needle and spearmint. Perfect if you don't have a real tree and want to enjoy the Christmassy scent of a pine tree.


mulled wine.

A traditional delicious warm Christmas drink with aromas of fruit, spice and red wine. With base notes of vanilla, balsam, cinnamon, spice, tonka been, middle notes of strawberry, violet, raspberry, carnation and leafy green and orange zest top notes. It may be too hot to drink a mulled wine here in Aus, so enjoy the stunning fragrance instead!