essential oils


soothe. rose geranium

Soothe and balance the mind, body + soul with this amazing essential oil. Calming in nature, enjoy the aromatic musky rose scent with a hint of mint + citrus.


breathe. peppermint

Inhale the cool minty aroma with a hint of eucalyptus leaves to flow the breath + calm the body after a big day.


energy. lemon eucalyptus

Sweet, lemony and fresh with a woody hint, enjoy its calming effect + helps clear any congestion.


tranquility. lemongrass

Lemony yet sweet in tone that promotes well-being, clarity + a positive mindset.


uplift. lemon myrtle

A sweet lemon aroma of crushed lemon myrtle, perfect to freshen a space.


relax. bergamot

Citrus, fruity and sweet with a hint of warm spicy florals; creates a feeling of peace and a positive mindset to assist relaxation + remove any tension.


sleep. lavender

Lay down and enjoy the relaxing aroma of lavender to help soothe, calm + promote sleep.