soleil single cups
soleil single cups
soleil single cups
soleil single cups

soleil single cups

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Introducing our newest ceramic range to our collection: Soleil 🌞

This all came about when I wanted some new unique ceramic coffee cups for my home and I have been seriously obsessed with circle shaped objects- hello circle cup handles! After having a few handmade, I shared a story featuring these cups on Instagram, and the response was overwhelming. Now, exclusively available at Saide, this collection draws inspiration from our coastal surroundings. Hand-built with so much love by Handmade Pottery by GG in Victoria, these pieces are produced in small, limited batches.

Start your day on a thoughtful note, embracing the simple pleasure of sipping your favourite tea or coffee. Elevate your daily ritual with our Soleil cup, a truly unique creation born from the heart of craftsmanship and the soul of nature.

We understand the importance of that precious moment in the morning when you take a pause from the rush of life to savour your chosen warm drink. The Soleil cup invites you to embrace this ritual with grace and style. It's more than just a cup; it's an embodiment of the thoughtfulness and mindfulness that accompany your morning brew.

You'll find yourself cherishing every sip, appreciating the artistry of the moment, and starting your day on a beautifully deliberate note. It's an invitation to indulge in your favourite beverage and treat yourself to a daily ritual.

Add this eclectic piece to your collection or it could be the perfect gift for someone special.

Due to the organic hand-built nature of these beautiful ceramics, not one is identical in size, shape or colour and may vary slightly. 


One cup

White Speckled, organic design


Textured cup


H 6.4cm | W 8-12.8 (inc handle)




H 6.2cm | W 8.7-12.5cm


Small Mug


H 7.2 | W 7.2-12cm

Dishwasher safe, handwash recommended. 


Handmade in Australia.