the dream big journal
the dream big journal
the dream big journal
the dream big journal
the dream big journal
the dream big journal
the dream big journal

the dream big journal

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T H I S  I S  N O  O R D I N A R Y  J O U R N A L

Created by Jess Williamson, an award winning mindset & business coach,
this Journal has everything you need to create more success in life and
business. This journal will help you keep your mindset in check and focused on growth and abundance.

This is not just another 'DIY journal', Jess has created a bonus Goals &
Mindset Course with 9 video lessons for every section of this journal, included with the journal!

The lessons will go deep into the mindset practices behind each section so
that you can anchor it deeper and see a deeper transformation. Say
goodbye to 'just journalling' and say hello to your new level of abundance!
With five sections, each accompanied by videos and lessons to take you on
your journey. Set your goals and action them, reflect by practicing
gratitude and affirmations, journal all your inspirational thoughts but most
of all dream big and make it your reality!


T H E  D R E A M  B I G  J O U R N A L  W I L L  H E L P  Y O U  TO...

-List podcasts and books to get you in the right mindset (I've included some of my faves to get you started)
-Identify your goals and how you are going to achieve them.
-Set Holistic life andbusiness goals as
 business should support your life and create balance.
-Reflect on how far you’ve come with daily gratitude and affirmations.
-Look forward by identifying habits you want to start and stop.
-Celebrate your wins with rewards lists.
-Journal all your inspirational thoughts with space for free writing.
-Quotes to keep you inspired and motivated
And so much more!


P R O D U C T  F E A T U R E S

Pink fabric hard cover
Sewn binding
Gold foil detailing
3 months of pages
152 pages
Size: A5+ 15x22x1.5cm