lemon myrtle leaf soap
lemon myrtle leaf soap

lemon myrtle leaf soap

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by The Australian Natural Soap Company.

If you love the ever-popular, refreshingly-citrus zest, this soap is for you. Lemon
Myrtle Leaf takes the lemon aroma up a notch to put a spring in your step and clear
your mind.
Lemon Ironbark, known for its calming and antiseptic qualities, can relieve tired
muscles and joints. Blended with Kunzea bush essential oils as a natural alternative
to reduce dry, itchy skin.

Ingredients: Sapoinified Olive Oil, Lemon Myrtle Leaf, Lemon Ironbark Oil, Kunzea Oil

For the Australian Bush range packaging, the Australian Natural Soap Company has
collaborated with Daphne Marks, an Ikuntji artist.

A percentage of the Australian Bush range sales goes directly to Daphne.

Australian made.